Grand Canyon south rim


Great photograph! I have been there many times and I love your interpretation!

Thanks Jack, I suspect a good number of the 3 - 4 million people each year, like us, are repeat customers. I think I’m done though.

Very nice painting and colors![quote=“Artisan-West, post:3, topic:7520”]
I think I’m done though.

Glad you were able to go several times, but sorry you think ypu wont be going again

I’ve been to the south rim 5 times over many years and I’ve also been to the Grand Canyon West skywalk. Have you made it to the Canyon yet?

Yes, we have been to north and south rim, best trip was hiking all the way to the bottom and back. Our goal is to go rafting someday.

Did you like the skywalk? We have not been. I remember you had some nice photos of the waterfall near there.

Hiking down to the bottom is not easy, at least coming back up again. I never made it all the way down but my oldest son has on a two or three day trip. I didn’t remember any waterfalls at the Canyon West location of the Skywalk so I went back and checked my photos. There are no waterfalls there that I saw. Walking on a glass walkway over the edge of the canyon is pretty neat but after 20 minutes you are ready to go. You can’t take any metal or cameras on it, must put them in a locker. I don’t know if the policy has changed to allow phone cameras.


I thought you had posted a photo of Havasu falls…

I may have posted one that my son took but Grand Canyon west Skywalk is a long way from the south rim. It is north of Kingman, AZ.

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I’ve been to the West Rim and did not see any waterfalls either?

When I went it was the same policy about bringing cameras on the Skywalk, but there was also much more to see & enjoy at Eagle Point from the many viewing advantage points along the West Rim. One of the best images I got was the one of the natural rock formation that looks like an eagle, it was really fascinating to see and hear about the Indian legend behind it.

John, good to hear from someone who went there as well, it’s a bit of a drive even from Kingman. I went in late fall so I didn’t have time to go to the western town but Eagle point is right beside the Skywalk and you can get some pictures of it from there. Overall, a great experience.

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