GPU not being used Video AI

Wanted to test out the Topaz Video AI. I’m running a Ryzen 7 3800x with 32gigs of ram and RTX 2080. My issue is that when rendering a video with Video Enhance AI it is only using my CPU and about 30% of my CPU. I have set my GPU (RTX2080) in the settings but every time I use it task manager shows it as being used 1-3%. In turn im getting long render times.

Nvida drivers are all up to date.

Did you have a look in the settings menu if the GPU use is turned off and can be turned on?

The only type of settings I can see in the program is the one where I select my GPU and what percentage to use. I don’t see anything about turning on or off.

ah yes, I confused it with GigaPixel. I use the MSI Afterburner tool to observe my CPU and GPU usage and temperatures. Maybe give it a try. :grin: