Go back to old interface

I don’t know who thought the new interface is an improvement. I have to click every adjustment separately to see the settings. I cannot view them all at once. The image moves around on the screen from left to right and right to left depending on what I am trying to look at. This behavior is distracting and dumb.

I just want to be able to click a little arrow and view as many or as few of the adjustments as I want to see at once, all in a straight line down the side, without things popping out like wardrobe malfunctions and scooting my photo around the screen. Just like it used to be!

Why, Topaz? Why?


If you would like to revert to any previous Topaz Photo AI version, you can find a list of previous installers at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Community Forums | Topaz Photo AI | Releases

Why can’t you just give a choice of interface options? Why does someone have to waste their time reinstalling a previous version?

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I don’t Like this new interface. I had more control on the old version.