Glow 2 Plugin pre-sets

Does anyone know if it is possible to transfer the Glow 2 Plugin pre-sets into Studio 2 or do i have to type the setting in manually?

You cannot transfer they must be created manually. Studio 2 has some looks already and the Glow filter has its own presets.

After iGlow has been entered in Studio 2 you can save the Look as a preset so you can reuse it.

Yea I see them, but for some reason there are only a small number compared to the old Glow 2 Plugin. So guess i need to get in making some of my own :slight_smile:

As the focus changed from filter presets in Studio 1 to Looks you may also want to use the search function which will show up more Look’s with the Glow filter used, note that the usual filters used with Glow are the Abstraction, Smudge, Radiance and Glow so you can also search for them in the search box:

This type of search also gives many: