Glasses over eye shadows...why

When correcting underexposed old black and white photos, in which there is a heavy shadow on the eyes of the individual, the AI assumes the subject is wearing glasses and generates an image of such over the eyes. Is there a way to prevent that from happening?

Are you using a scan or digital image?

Have you tried turning Face Recovery Off?

I’ve been asking for more face recognition glasses control for a while. I have one old photo in particular that insists on being given a modern looking monocle when no glasses were actually in the image at all.

The AI models rely on existing image data so if the original lacks detail or if the resolution is low, conflicts like this may occur. Try turning on the Upscale filter as well to enhance the resolution first and see if that improves the results.

We’re continuously training our Face Recovery models to provide better and better results that are up to standard.

yes, still short of a good finish.

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Thanks for your suggestion, will try this shortly.

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