Girl with paint splashes


Love it!!

Wowed by it …

Thanks Kathy and Don.

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Late to the dance, sorry …great job on this.

Hi Bob, I just added another picture but I rarely post here. To see a lot more of my work go to my flicker pages. Ron Lashley | Flickr

I’ve been switching to using AI to create art. It sure beats what I can do with a camera.

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I haven’t posted here in a long time …my default setting on Topaz takes me to the issues and problem page. I didn’t even know there was still a show off page. I’m using AI as now. I added you to my follow page, but I know longer post or remark on Flickr, I’m on Facebook mostly now. Bob Kramer If you’re on Facebook, send a friend request.

I don’t use Facebook much but I do have a page. Mostly I have it to keep in touch with some relatives. I think I did a friend request for you. I saw some of your work on your page, excellent as usual. Probably it’s best to look at my flickr page once in a while to see any new stuff.

I use Leonardo.AI , what are you using?

I’ll try to stop by Flickr now and then …I’m using Midjourney.