GigaPixelAI Q: Upscale in stages for better results?


My question involves the best practices use of GigaPixel AI for enlarging images created with use of products such as Stable Diffusion on ClipDrop for example.

More specifically, I’m creating detailed architectural images roughly in this size:
1182 X 886
96 DPI
Bit Depth: 24
200 - 305 KB

I want to create large poster size prints of some of these AI images…I am considering a poster size that would be about 6 - 10X the dimensions of these native 1182 X 886 images with a print resolution of at least 300 DPI.

To achieve best upscaling results for such an image as noted above, is it better to upscale as few times as possible or to upscale less but multiple times (3 or 4 times)? Is there a difference in quality of results between these 2 methods?

What is the best use practice to achieve highest quality results?

Thank you in advance.


hi, the best is to test for yourself :slight_smile: that’s the only way you can be satisfied with your results, and each image varies from one to another, for the video too…