GigapixelAI has destroyed a lot of my images!

I know it’s an older verison, (7.0.5) but was promised to only pay once for the program, so haven’t paid for upgrades.
But I still expect the program not to destroy my images.

I have several images that has been destroyed by upressing them by GigapixelAI.
Didn’t keep the originals, since I had larger, better versions of them.

Would like to be able attach one of them as example.

But top part is often fine, then the image is missing it’s lower part.

Hi Soren,
That’s definitely not something we don’t want to have happen to our users.

Would you please submit a ticket with our Support team and we can communicate with you more directly.

You can include your images in the ticket as well as screenshot of your workflow so we can follow each step to better understand what you’re seeing.

You can securely submit one or two images/video clips to our Dropbox.

I’ll keep my eye out for your ticket.