GigaPixelAI crop funktion v7.0.1

I would love to have the old crop version instead of the new one. Totally confusing compared to older versions crop functions. Now it has thick lines, scrolling the image around instead of the crop lines etc. The whole image was displayed and we could easy crop it, now i get to scroll around and feels clunky. I like that you put in more Aspect Ratios options, but to crop an image cannot be compared to how simple it was before. Would love the old crop function back. I dont know if anyone else agrees with me but i sure feel it’s a downgrade and not an upgrade.

I really appreciate your feedback here. Thanks for sharing!

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it absolutely is a downgrade and a broken one at it, as it will not even let me select all of the image, when picking the are to crop the image down to.
Somehow when moving the crop boundaries, the outer edges of the image seem to go outside of the selectable crop region.
So if the relevant content includes some of the outer edges of the entire photo it will not allow you to include them but forces you to crop more than desired.
Sadly this makes the crop function utterly useless for many cases forcing you to upscale the entire image at slow processing speed and then later cropping it down to the desired size in some other software.

Overall it really is just awful, what they did to the new crop function in version 7.
This new crop function should have never passed quality control and testing.
They should have just kept the old crop from V 6.3.3 and older which wasn’t great but worked perfectly fine and did all it needed to do.

We definitely have updated our Crop tool in the latest version of 7.1.0 with the ability to rotate as well as correct the issues with using the custom crop. It also addresses the crop moving past the outer edges of the photo.

Please take a look and let us know your thoughts. 7.1.0 download links available here.