Gigapixel will no open

Gigapixel will not open. Support told to uninstall software on me computer (PC w/11) and reinstall. it takes a long time to install. I did this three time and it still will not open.

I have the same issue with Windows 10. I paid for the upgrade today to install 7.0, but it simply won’t open. Nothing in windows event viewer. I have a funny feeling it’s due to my somewhat dated hardware, but it had been working fine with 5.x. Hopefully there’s a solution, otherwise I’ll be looking for a refund.

I just worked with support to resolve this. In my instance, I was updating from inside an older v5.x version of the application. They walked me through doing a cleanup as noted below:

"I suspect that this is a conflict with updating through the in-app updater from an older version of Gigapixel. Please follow the steps below to remove your registry, Gigapixel-related folders, and then reinstall.

  1. Delete the Topaz Gigapixel AI folders in the paths below by right-clicking the folder and selecting “delete.”
    ***Windows Add or Remove Programs will not work since previous versions of Gigapixel did not include an uninstaller.
  • C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC
  • C:\ProgramData\Topaz Labs LLC
    ***Windows intentionally hides the ProgramData folder on your machine. Please paste the paths into the File Explorer.
  1. Open “Registry Editor” from your Start menu and delete the Topaz Gigapixel AI registry entry in the path below by right-clicking the folder and clicking “Delete.”
  • Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Gigapixel AI
  1. Restart your machine and download a fresh installer for Gigapixel from our [Topaz Labs Download Page]

  2. Once downloaded, open Gigapixel as a standalone and ensure it functions correctly."

So, if you were updating from an older version, this might help.