Gigapixel v5.1.3

Download: Windows, Mac
Released August 19, 2020.


  • Tutorial UI has been given a new look
  • Multiple UI elements have been updated - save button, checkboxes, and more


  • Photoshop plugin on Mac now supports MacOS 1.12 (Sierra) and above
  • OSA script in the Mac installer should no longer error out when linking the Photoshop plugins on certain Mac machines

Known Issues

  • We’ve gotten reports that the Photoshop plugin on some Windows machines is failing to resize the image in Photoshop. If this happens to you, please reach out on this thread or to me directly so I can take a closer look. Thanks!


  • Fixed an issue where images were always being saved as JPG’s.


  • Fixed an issue where auto-detect was turning off when saving began.

Pretty sure issues like these have been reported as well.




Would be really nice if a fix could be issued.:frowning_face:


V5.1.1 Checking the “Auto-detect settings” box, the check mark doesn’t appear (have to re-check it.) Also, even though I have the “Save Image As” set to PNG, the image gets saved as a JPG!


Just my two cents, if anyone has issues with color noise such as too much red or too much green at the pixel level you should probably run photoshop remove color noise on all your upscales. Im guessing the horizontal banding issues still exist in GPU mode, it also helps a bit to remove those, especially if you put the remove color noise(in photoshop) at 100%. CPU mode wont have those banding issues from what ive seen and is superior quality. I think there should be an answer as to if it will ever be possible for GPU mode to match CPU mode in quality.
Another issues is that switching to the manmade AI option in CPU mode is sure to crash gigapixel for me. On my Ryzen 1700X machine.

I have the same problem

Can I please get an option for turning off updates? I appreciate all the fantastic work you folks are doing, but I druther not have to update the app every time I use it.

@albert.troost-1318 @jaftwo

I’ve released a hotfix for this issue - give it a try and let me know if you continue to have issues. Thanks!

I have the same problem

Hi kiko,

Can you try the new version (5.1.2) and let me know if you’re still experiencing issues? Thanks!

Looks like that fixed the “locked to jpg” problem. But when I start GAI, if Auto-detect settings is not checked, when I click the checkbox, a preview starts (as expected) but the check does not appear in the checkbox (have to click the box again to get it to appear.)

I have the same issue with the auto detect check box in the 5.1.2.

Hi, yes, I still experience this issue. Everytime I insert a new image, I have to click one or two times in order to activate auto-detect

Checkbox at auto detect settings working first time if you click on it. But the “tick icon” doesn’t appear just only at 2nd click.

Yeah I can confirm that 5.1.0 didn’t enlarge to 1.75 larger in Photoshop after I had done some edits but when I saved it aand went back into lightroom and opened it again to do the same enlargement, it has worked fine. I am updating to this new v5.1.2 to see whether it happens again.

Problem with auto detect is not solved.
When I save a picture in Auto detect mode it is deselecting Auto detect before saving

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I have now update to the v5.1.2 but when using the photoshop plugin and going into it, run the enlargement, previewed it, looks great. Hit save, sends me back to photoshop and there’s no enlargement but like I said earlier. It’s fine when done from lightroom. I don’t have a problem with this personally because to be honest, I’m never in that much of a rush but I can see how it could frustrate someone.

I’ve tried that and it doesn’t really solve the issue. Also I don’t think we should have to process the images yet again due to a flaw in Gigapixel.

Also when you mention CPU mode, I don’t see an option to switch from GPU to CPU like the older versions. I just see the option to disable discrete GPU. Even when I’ve turned that off, the results aren’t any better.

The Auto-detect setting still not function. you can tick it twice to make auto setting on all pics, but as soon as you try to save them, it get unticket and all pictures get same settings 60 -60.
please fix this as its a big issue.

I can confirm that autodetect turns off itself when processing and saving starts. :frowning:

thanks, there is a small thing that I like to mention (was also a couple of versions before). When the preview option is on, it loads to 100% to preview, when the image is saved the preview also is going to do its job again (looks even parallel) which is a useless operation because the preview square is not moved and no configuration is changed.