Gigapixel update v1.1.2

Today I opened Gigapixel 1.1.2 and it said there is an update do you want to install. I clicked on the update and left the room and when I came back there wasn’t an update. I clicked on GPX icon but it wouldn’t open, checked the Task manager to see if anything was going on, nothing was happening. I tried going to the start menu and tried to start GPX but noting happened. The only thing I could do was to uninstall GPX and go to Topaz store and download and installed it. After I reinstalled GPX I checked for updates but it show none. Very strange.

I was kicked out of the upgrade download, with download error messages on two tries during the download of the new upgrade on a slower internet connection. Early this morning I got up and had better bandwidth and got the huge download after 35 minutes. After the 792 megabyte and a 9 megabyte downloads completed, it automatically installed but the AI Gigapixel desktop icon would not open the program. I went into the program files and found AI Gigapixel and sent a new start up icon to the desktop (in case the link had changed) but the the new shortcut from did not open the program either. It just did nothing. I restarted the computer and it still did not work.
My perfectly OK program registered had just lost the ability to be started. I used control, alt, delete to bring up the active programs and it was not listed. It just went away.
I plan to uninstall everything and start over.

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Donald, I uninstalled Gigpixel and downloaded from the Topaz store, then installed. Back to normal now, GPX is registered so I had no issues with the process. After you do that you should be good to go.

I uninstalled the previous version of AI Gigapixel that become “dead” after an attempted upgrade to 1.1.2. I restarted the computer then downloaded the new version of AI Gigapixel 1.1.2 ( that did not need to be upgraded) and it works just fine and seems to go a bit faster.

I really liked the results of 1.1.2 on an old small family jpg of a relative. It was AI enlarged for printing a 1440 dpi 13x19 inch version. The eyelashes were incredibly sharp and the total effect was smooth and believable.