Gigapixel Subsitutes BLUE EYES for non blue eyes

When enhancing jpeg scans that have been captured as RGB in Photoshop, where the eyes are clearly in Greyscale and lacking any color, the enhancements with the AI clearly substitute “eye color” from greyscale to blue. That may nice for people with blue eyes, but I am enhancing faces of Indian Swamis, and they do not have blue eyes. Sure it’s nice to have slightly enlivened lips showing up with a tinge of red, but not the blue eye color in an Indian Swami whose eyes are definitely not blue but brown. I’d rather be able to defeat this so called AI enhancement where it is clearly not appropriate. I shouldn’t have to go change the color from blue to brown, when it’s clearly an inappropriate AI decision.

Any way you can defeat this “feature” because to me, it’s definitely not helping my workflow.

Sadly, GPAI has not been updated in ages: and it’s likely to continue that way.
The latest version of TPAI DOES have a preserve eye colour feature. But the software frankly its still at the beta stage and in many instances that older stuff does a better job. I suppose you could download the free trial to see if it works on your images! Good luck.

Well, that is disappointing. But thanks for taking the time to respond.

I do find that depending upon the photos, I can’t say that TPAI (I have the latest version) always does a better job than GPAI. From your comments, it sounds like GPAI no longer is under development. Do you know that for a fact?

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No I don’t know it for a fact.