Gigapixel requests

If you drag photos directly onto the Gigapixel icon in the Mac dock, the program will open with the photos showing but when you process the photos, it gets to the end of processing, immediately crashes and it hasn’t saved any of the photos.

It would be incredibly helpful if processed files could overwrite the source files or at least overwrite a file of the same name. I’m guessing this is an operating system issue though.

I’m having worse results with the newer versions. Could we have an option to select older AI processors?

After processing, I have to open Photoshop and batch process all the photos again to “save for web” to reduce the file size. It’d be great if it could “save for web” as an option.

It would be nice if Gigapixel and Denoise could be rolled together if the person has both programs, just to save loading the photo into 2 programs.

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It’s not the way I normally work, but I can confirm your first paragraph. I normally send an image from my main photo app (On1 Photo Raw) or open GP AI first and then drag images or folders to it. I am using the latest version of GP AI in CPU mode with OpenVino on Big Sur.
I suggest you repost this on the GP AI 5.3.1 forum, where others who are more knowledgeable than me can respond.
Also suggest you contact Support on the main Topaz page to report a possible bug.