Gigapixel Price Reduction

Hardly a feature request but no clear place to post or discuss this point.
Denoise AI and Sharpen AI are used on most images I take and process and are hugely helpful to me (both of which I helped beta test) yet are priced at $79.99 while Gigapixel AI (which I also helped beta test) is priced at $99.99 yet would be used rarely.

Firstly I feel while Denoise and Sharpen are correctly and reasonably priced I feel Gigapixel is overpriced? Even with a great discount I would not buy Gigapixel at above $50. It does work great but I might use it only twice a year?
Secondly, unless Topaz actually sell one or more plugins the new pay yearly strategy will not work? Photographers have to own the plugins in order to ‘need’ to maintain them.

I feel Topaz marketing needs to think about the above points for future success.


You should talk to Topaz Labs by raising a support request at the main website as this is a user to user forum and Topaz Labs marketing don’t frequent the forum.

Thanks AiDon