Gigapixel - menus don't open and processing doesn't finish

Hi folks…

Just installed Gigapixel…I also use Adjust, Sharpen and Denoise (for a few months).

  1. When I click on a menu…it opens “in shadow”…meaning just a transparent box drops down…if I move my mouse downward, THEN the menu pops up. OK, that’s relatively minor…but still.

  2. When I’m processing a preview…the percentage counts up, then stops…let’s just say at 83%, but it varies (even as low as 1%)…and then it just stops there (in reality, as I’ve figured out, it’s already DONE, but the preview doesn’t show me that)…then it DOES change when I hit any button in the right pane, THEN the preview updates to done.

Sounds like you don’t have enough resources available, please check the technical requirements here and let me know what GPU you have and the version of drivers being used:

Typically the issue with shadow menus and slow processing is caused by a integrated GPU such as Intel or AMD. If you are using a integrated GPU and you have a secondary high-performance GPU allocate that to GigaPixel. In Windows 10 it is available through the settings panel Graphics settings.


I’m working on my notebook right now…8th generation i5 with Intel’s UHD Graphics 620 (20 gigs of ram and 500 gig SSD).

I have:

“Enable discreet GPU” turned OFF, and
"Enable Intel OpenVINO turned ON.

By the way, do I have to install some kind of driver for the Intel OpenVINO? I’ve been having trouble figuring that out.

And…why would these settings have anything to do with opening menu items? Aren’t those settings strictly aimed at processing the images?

Also…when I try to open Preferences → Advanced Preferences…it takes maybe a minute for the advanced preferences to actually open…and when I minimize the entire GAI window, and maximize it again…the entire window is blank…until I move it around a bit, then I see the program again.

It’s all quite weird…it’s as if the computer isn’t responding…or the program isn’t responding…in this case it’s the program as every other app/program on my computer runs just fine.


OK, the computer you have is extremely underpowered because of the GPU processing requirements but you may be able to get better performance by going to Preferences, Advanced Preferences, then click Reset and when you process and image, I would small and maybe only 2X, it will benchmark based on the hardware you have and provide the optimal processing option.

There is an issue with QT, the framework used, and Intel integrated graphics that runs the display.

There are no drivers for OpenVINO, it is a programming environment for AI.

And you need to expect that processing will take a little longer with your hardware … but do reset, as I said above, so the program can benchmark for the best option.

Thanks for all that Don.

I certainly understand that images may take a while to process…that’s fine…no problem…I understand…I can work with that.

My issue is with the program itself not opening menus, going blank, etc (while NOT processing).

I’ve never seen a program act this way…or I should say…no program that isn’t full of bugs. But I’m not saying Gigapixel AI is full of bugs…I just don’t think that would be true…but on the other hand…menus should open just fine and instantly. I’ve never heard of needing massive CPU and graphics power just to open, say, the FILE menu, on ANY program.

I also use Adobe Premiere, as well as a host of other video and photo editing apps…and even the ones that take a long time to process/export/render video or images have NO problem opening their own menu items.

Something quite weird is going on with Gigapixel. Heck…I don’t even remember having these problems a few months ago when I was trying Gigapixel as a trial…so something really seems to be weird/wrong.

Thanks again…


Don’t forget to let the app benchmark your system as I outlined above. :slight_smile: