Gigapixel incorrect output demensions

Hey there

I’m a fairly new user to Photo AI so apologies if I’ve missed an obvious step. But I have been using the program for a few weeks and this issue has just popped up. Im using V 7.0.5.

I have been upscaling images so they are 4000px on the longest side. I set up the dimensions I want in the main panel and then add them to the queue.

Before I click the Save button the dimensions all look right. Once I click the save button to begin processing the images, it automatically changes the dimensions.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

How odd. Could you send over one or two of the troubled images to my Dropbox?

Once uploaded, I’d like to test this on my end to reproduce. I’ll also need the settings that you used.

Thanks for having a look!

I have uploaded some files for you. Including some screen recordings of what’s happening.

What I just realised is I think it’s an issue with landscape images? When I added a landscape and portrait image and send them to the queue the landscape image dimensions get changed to the same height as the portrait image.

When I add only landscape images, the dimensions don’t change.

Could this be a setting I have accidentally turned on?

Hmm, there shouldn’t be a setting that you can enable that should mess with this.

Do you Photo AI? If so, are you experiencing this there too?

Sorry, I only have gigapixel :frowning:

No worries at all. I reached out to my team for further assistance on this.

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