Gigapixel for RGB Mattes - changing RGB color data

I’m using GPixel to resize 3D / CG renders that have both the full color image and a layer with RGB mattes where each item can be masked.

Passing the RGB layer through GP results in color shifts that do not maintain 100% R G or B. I can tweak these manually with levels, but its a bit unfortunate.

Anyone have tips? Is there any way to process both the full color and matte layer at the same time?


Which version of Gigapixel are you using?

Let me check with our dev team to see if there are any solutions possible.

if you also have a sample image we can test as well.

You can securely submit one or two images to our Dropbox. Please let me know if you send something.

I am using version 7.1.1. I am retracing my steps and it appears After Effects is the issue. Somehow saving from 32b “Aces” color space to 16b sRGB is creating RGB values that were “1.0” in 32b and become between ~210-244 in 8bit (but should be 255).

THanks for replying but the issue is elsewhere.

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Glad to hear it’s resolved! Thanks for letting us know.