Gigapixel enlarges the image, without adding any details

Hi. I was using the older, trial version of Gigapixel. Can’t remember which version. It worked great for 3x enlargement of my gf’s artwork.

Then I bought it and updated it to the latest version. My old computer couldn’t run the new version, so I tried it on my friend’s high specs computer.

3x enlargement scales up the picture, but without any new detail added. When I compare original JPEG and the one scaled 3x with Gigapixel, zoomed to the same 3x size, there is barely any difference in sharpness and detail between them.

My settings are:
Scale: 3X
AI mode: Art and CG
Suppress noise: 0
Remove blur: 50
Reduce color bleed: yes

Saved as: JPEG
Color profile sRGB
Quality: maximum

Doesn’t matter. Just found the version v5.3.2, installed it, and it works great. You can delete the topic

I am not yet totally sure but this might be a known “issue” (at least for me) where I mentioned earlier that the older verions produced a noticeable “whow” effect by adding details to bad quality images where the latest versions often work too subtile to notice more details. Anyway it still removes compression artifacts, image noise and sharpens nicely. Only the ability to recover details went a bit quiet for my taste. Or maybe I use the later versions wrong?!

It seems the new version doesn’t do anything, except making the image larger. I could just zoom in original JPEG at 300% and get the same result.

All my photos are taken with full frame camera and really sharp lens. There is a ton of details for a program to work with. But for some reason it achieves nothing.

Version 5.3.2 is great. It adds details and works fast on my old computer. i have no idea how did they mess up so badly with the newest version.

Is this issue only releated to the preview or to the final processed image too?

Both preview and the final image are soft

That used to happen with all of the older versions for anything larger than 6x.

I stopped updating with the change in policy last year, so I don’t know about the current versions, but I’ve not seen anyone else ever reporting it as an issue at 3x.