Gigapixel DPI


Can gigapixel AI increase dots per inch from 72 to 300?
filling in the new pixels and making the image sharp?

I have an image here with 2k and 72dpi and I wanted to transform it into 4k 300dpi.

it’s possible ?

thank you very much

I think there is still a minor bug where the value set is not stored in the meta data in certain circumstances, but the image will be scaled up to the desired pixels wide and tall anyway!

but does it work well?

Are the new pixels filling in and making the image sharp?
Or is it not worth doing that?

What would be the recommendation, in relation to the amount of dpi, to have an optimal magnification?
the image here is 72dpi and I want to increase it to 300dpi.
Do you suggest more dpi in the input image to make the enlargement better?

thank you very much

if you want to print it with 300 dpi and fill as many pixels into an inch as possible for the sharpest, most detailed printing: yes, you can do that. Gigapixel does a geat job upscaling images!

Is there any limit on how many dpi I can increase in gigapixel there?

another question :
Does gigapixel work well by reducing image sizes?


I think the maximum size is 32.000 pixels wide or tall. Making images smaller works quite good. If you provide the original image I could give it a try and scale it up or down according to your needs for a quick test. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what is the maximum height and width that Gigapixes accepts?



What is the right way to proceed to increase the image size and DPI together?

Just put the enlargement size and the new DPI?
Will the generated image already have the new DPI?
How can I confirm?


The image will have no dpi unless it is already printed to paper, but you can calculate how many pixel wide and tall the image must be to get the correct size when printed at the desired dpi. In this case the dpi stored in the meta data should not matter. I made a batch file that will calculate the needed width and height according to your output resolution. :slight_smile:

dpi to (262 Bytes)


I didn’t quite understand your answers:

How do you confirm that the image has the correct DPI after enlarging it?

I’m sorry for the confusion

To fill an inch with as many pixels as possible to get the sharpest and most detailed image you need a specific amount of pixels. To confirm if the image has the needed pixel size to be printed with will say 300 dpi you must also know how large you want the image on paper, for example: 5 inches wide. 5 inches multiplied by 300 = 1500 pixels wide.

And why is there a DPI button on a gigapixel?

thank you

The dpi button to define the width of your image is named dpi probably by accident. dpi refers to the pixel density, not to the overall width of the image. It could make sense if there were another button to type in the desired width in Inches so that the application could use both values to enlarge the number of pixels of the image accordingly!

Do you recommend adding PPI for printing by increasing the total size of the image by Gigapixel?
Or is it more appropriate to use other means?


Yes, I think increasing or decreasing the overall amount of pixels to a specific number is the goal behind it. I wonder with which size of Inches Gigapixel currently caculates the needed pixels if there is no user input requested because you can print any image with 300 dpi no matter how many pixel wide it is. :eyes: