Gigapixel bug

I just updated and tried both the Standard V2 and HIgh Fideltiy V2 and the results are terrible. Just a white image.

(Edit update: I get the same results with Photo AI upsize)


Gigapixel result:

This looks like the problem with Gigapixel 7 improperly applying the alpha layer to the image layer.

Gigapixel 6 did this correctly.

If that is the case you can save a copy of the file without an alpha layer, and then it will process correctly.

What are you exporting as?

Good point. I forgot to say this is a TIF. A JPG version of the image works fine.

I just tried this from inside of PS and the same thing happens.

Can you tell me more about the original image format? Also, just to confirm this conflicts occurs with both Gigapixel as a standalone product and when invoking the Photoshop plugin?

andymagee-52287 mentioned something about the alpha channel and when I looked further into it, he was right. I then went down a rabbit hole chasing it. I now think it is an OS issue, related to the latest dot update. There are other systems of the issue (what I am now calling an OS issue), such as the video settings for the display not remaining set, and Preview not properly showing TIF files. I would close this off from a Topaz perspective and if it turns out to not be an OS issue, I will drop a note back here again.

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This does not happen in version 6.3 on the same computer, so it’s a new Topaz code issue, and not anything to do with the OS or dot net.

Just to summarize so I can create a ticket for our developers.

TIF files imported from PS to Gigapixel with an Alpha layer applied cause the image to process the applied Alpha layer as a semi-transparent white “film” over the image. This is not reproducible with a JPG.

If this is correct, I will test locally with other image formats prior to escalating the ticket for our team.

Yes, and there appears to be a compounding issue in that the Mac OS is also not handling alpha channels properly.

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Great, thank you for the information. I’ll be sure to update this thread.