Gigapixel Batch-Only / Video Processing / AI Tensor Core Usage

I submitted this to the Topaz Studios tech support, but thought I would put this out there also, since Gigapixel is absolutely amazing!

Recently, I was trying to upscale a 720p video by exporting it as an image sequence in Premiere (24 frames per second), and then upscale each image using the Gigapixel software to 4K UHD.

The video was batched to 37,700 images.

Unfortunately, when trying to import 37,000 images into Gigapixel… the memory usage skyrockets (I think to the total size of the images), and then just crashes.


  1. Fix the importing, to only import files into memory one at a time (or per the number of available GPU’s), or import them without a preview image (simple solution I’m sure).

  2. Allow as a stand-alone back-end server process like Media Encoder from Adobe to simply listen to a folder, and render accordingly.

  3. Allow multi-GPU rendering (I actually never got to this step, because Nvidia doesn’t allow Consumer GPU’s on Windows Server anymore, so maybe this DOES work, but I don’t know). Renting a cloud-based windows server with 4x-8x Nvidia 1080 GPU’s is very do-able nowadays.

  4. Perhaps do the video upscaling in-app (Topaz mentioned this will be in the R&D eventually, I’m sure it won’t be easy).

  5. Usage of Tensor Cores on Nvidia and AMD GPU’s. This will drastically speed up render time, once fully implemented, since these chips are specific to A.I.-based rendering.

Obviously the process of rendering 37,000 images, then importing them into Gigapixel, upscaling each image, and then re-importing to Premiere is slow and cumbersome…

But the quality of Upscaling in Gigapixel is absolutely incredible… about 2-3x better than the competition (Waifu, Red Giant 4K, Alienskin Blowup, Photoshop, and After Effects).


P.S. needs an SSL certificate ASAP.

After a long 6 hour hike in the Zakopane mountains of Poland.
Jpeg Upscaled from 960x to 4k. Strong noise and blur reduction.

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