Gigapixel as lightroom Plugin - Feature Request

Now when gigapixel is super fast it would be a big time saver if you can incorporate it as a Lightroom plugin so we don’t need to export the images via lightroom and then enlarge them in Gigapixel separately as stage 2.

Ideally, you would have it as part of the lightroom export window as an additional plugin so the user can set the enlargement and other settings in lightroom.

I understand that some settings are individual for the images e.g. standard /lines/art & CG but I don’t mind that I will need to decide on one setting in lightroom for the entire set of images exported.

You could also have a checkbox to use gigapixel only if the image is smaller than ## megapixels or certain dimensions, so the plugin will be used only if the original image is smaller than a certain size.

The file naming/colour profile/file type should be taken from the lightroom export settings

This will enable the user to do one export of a mixed size group of images. e.g old images on a 22MP camera can be exported with new images from a 100MP camera. the 22MP images will be enlarged via Gigapixel and the new 100MP images will be exported by Lightroom with no enlargment.

Thank you!

I believe you can already use GigaPixel as an external editor.

yes you can but it is not the same as exporting images, try it and you will see it is just creating them inside the software, what I’m after is to create the final enlarged image without having to interact with the gigapixel software.

I would be grateful if someone from the topaz labs will comment.