Gigapixel AI vs Photo AI

I was told most future development efforts are going to Photo AI. DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI and Gigapixel AI are not getting updated.

Now, I am getting a notice of an update for Gigapixel AI. However, I will need to update my subscription to download the new version.

I recently updated my subscription to Photo AI and am wondering if there’s any advantage to have the latest version of Gigapixel AI.

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I am wondering the same thing.

I really hate to say this but as a Topaz customer for years(going back to 2018)… this appears to be yet another example of Topaz pumping their same customers to buy the same thing over again.

I was a purchaser back in the “unlimited upgrades” day… back before they decided to switch and force me to buy the products again because they decided to violate the sales contract I had with my prior purchase. I sucked it up and bought the same product again under the “year subscription” model. But of course then they released PhotoAI and claimed that all development would be happening there. So I bought again. Now they’re back to GigaPixel again… I can only assume they’re going to push people into buying that now.

How many times do I have to purchase the same application over again?

Nobody does push you anywhere.

GP did just get an update because a lot of people where asking about it.

The V2 Models of enhance in Photo AI and GP are the same.

To me, its was just about names, Gigapixel sounds more nice than PhotoAI.

Also, talking to people close to me did unveil hat they dont know anything about PhotoAI but Gigapixel.

Its up to you what you need and what you want to use.

To me, Gigapixel is very limited in what i want to achieve, Photo AI is much more useful and its all in one App, instead of three or four.

To me, the Hifi Model V2 has replaced Hifi V1 and the LowRes Model and i’m blown away by the Quality (i do even sharpen with it at 1x).

The problem of AI processing is that i does change every month, week and day.

Because AI processing like this is new and still under developement.

Then this needs to be clearly explained in the marketing. When I read the announcement, this was never mentioned… and I still don’t see that mentioned on the GigaPixel Page.

How are users supposed to know they are using the same model when the Marketing around GP completely fails to mention this? Most people are not going to dig into a community discussion forum to search around to find technical details of a product.

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Thats like with DxO and Deep Prime.

There is the Software Photolab7 and DxO PureRaw.

The Denoise Algo is the same, but in Photolab you can influence it more.

Or with Adobe Lightroom or Camera RAW, both are the same.

I dont need Lightroom but i’ve to buy it with Photoshop in an subscript, could be 50% less expensive.

But you dont need to buy Gigapixel to use PhotoAI and vice versa.

Or do you want to pay both with different Models?