Gigapixel AI v5.0.0 ERROR! - dynamic link library OpenCL.dll

After the last Gigapixel AI update (from 4.1.x to 5.0.0), every time when I start the Gigapixel i get this error:

The procedure entry point clCreateCommandQueueWithProperties could not be located in the dynamic link library OpenCL.dlll

OS: Windows 7 (x64)
GPU: NVidia GTX 970

How can I fix this error?

Just make sure you have the latest drivers from the NVIDIA website installed, I believe it is v451.48

If that doesn’t help, I believe you use Mask AI and Studio 2, if you do open one and go to Help-> Graphics info., press Copy and paste the info here.

The latest nVidia Studio Drivers for photoshop 26th of June aren’t much liked by photoshop. Photoshop switches off GPU processing

I no longer use the Studio drivers as they are “quirky” I switched back to the Game ready drivers.

The reason was that Capture One uses OpenCL, but I didn’t know GigaPixel did as the requirement is for OpenGL only.

I updated the video driver to GeForce Game Ready Driver v451.48 WHQL (2020.6.24) and the error is gone. Thank you for help.