Gigapixel AI v4.9.0

Download: Windows, Mac
Released May 13, 2020.

Major features

  • Preview panel can now be toggled.


  • Remove all Images / Close All Images action now triggers a dialog if changes have not been saved for those images.
  • Cursor has been changed from a crosshair to a panning hand when panning in the Navigator window.


  • A pervasive crash has been fixed regarding face refinement. The program should no longer crash when opening images up when Face Refinement is turned on.

Known Issues

  • When images are unchecked, they still get processed and saved out when Batch Processing.
  • We are still seeing some random crashes when batch processing images. If you experience this, please open a support ticket with reproduction steps or reply to this thread.


Can I request that as you are creating a new thread with its appropriate “full installer download” links, when you close the previous(?) version thread, can you please close it with a final post…linking to this new version thread ~ makes it easier to find it/you :smiley:

PS I also want to express a hope:-
The rapid development of v4.x.x is going in larger jumps i.e. v4.8.2 ~ now to v4.9.0, rather than say v4.8.3 etc concerns me somewhat. You are getting very close to v5.0.0 !!!

AFAIK in the past the major version change, such v4 to v5 means it is a chargeable upgrade but not 100% sure if my memory is correct??? Therefore my hope is that v4.9.x will become a fully stable product and not mean that any particular outstanding “issues” or bugs are fixed in v5.0.0 meaning paying more/again for a fixed product.

PPS right off to download v4.9.0 :wink:

Will do! Thanks Brownie.

When it comes to versioning, don’t sweat the number too much. I’m not sure about the history but at the moment, the version number in Gigapixel AI doesn’t mean much besides trying to indicate to customers major vs. minor vs. bugfix upgrades. If you’d like more info on the paid upgrade model we’ll be implementing soon, you can check out this thread by Eric announcing the change here.

The version numbers won’t increment as quickly as the software becomes more stable and robust. With that said, we’ve got some pretty awesome changes in the works to look forward to!

I had experienced batch processing crashes, but after some troubleshooting, I determined it was caused by some old png files. They would load in Affinity Photo, so I converted them to tiff and then back to png and they batch process fine in GigAI.

When you deem a particular release as truly stable, will you please let us know? In my experience, version 4.4.5 was the last stable release, although I haven’t tested 4.9.0 yet…

Do you mind sending me those png files so I can test them? We’re currently investigating a crash when using .jpg files that have had their extension changed to another (usually more esoteric) image type, such as .bay or .dc2.

Topaz have never charged for an upgrade.

When is v 4.9.0 going to be made available for download? I am checking your site at Download today on an hourly basis but it still says 4.8.2. Or is there perhaps another download site with updated info?

Not sure why the version number hasn’t updated but the links on that page will get you the latest version. You can also try the links at the top of this page. Here’s the links to the full installers for each OS:


On Windows GP is not able to access network drives via their assigned drive letters via its own Open dialog. No problem going via the network path, but it’s more cumbersome.

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Well, that’s about to change, as announced by Topaz. Not charging for upgrades specifically, but charging for every year of updates.

The point is, that I’m not going to download some 1.2GB only to find out that I have it already. That’s too much data wasting. When I see it’s been updated, then I know it’s there…

We’ve updated the version number on the downloads page. Thanks!

I’m well aware of that. My comment referred to the past as somebody seemed to think they had charged previously.

Hello. This bug is for v4.9.0.

After adjusting an image and saving I’m then prompted to ‘save changes’.

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@taylor.bishop @PaulM @johnnystar

Thanks for the insight, pointers & clarification re: upgrades

Yes, I understand now that it will be based on 12 month periods since (initial) purchase and renewal dates. Plus that ‘they’ are making some, so to speak, equalising adjustments for legacy purchasers.

However, my concern still remains that we (as buyers) still need a reliable and stable release and as potentially because we will all be on different renewal dates the possibility (based recent & current experiences with Gigapixel, Sharpen & DeNoise) exists that when some owners pass their renewal/free upgrade date their version in use may still have “issues” & bugs.

It is on this latter concern I would welcome some clarity…afteral it is one thing to add function & features to further versions (as Taylor alludes to above in post #2) that may be included in upgrades that are chargeable but surely no-one should be left with issues & bugs. Therefore, as such will Topaz continue to support earlier version(s) to iron out any issues i.e. make it entirely stable before abandoning it???

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Also, not quite a bug, but a change that should be an ‘option’ maybe. But the ‘click to preview’ when adding an image just adds an extra step to workflow, especially when only working on a single image…

That was the fastest download and update we’ve had in a long time. Thanks!

Everything working as expected so far.

I did not see either of the “bugs” mentioned above.

Just installed GigaPixel 4.9 and it works fine except when I click on SAVE it just vanishes of the screen (crashes I am guessing)! I am attaching the DxDiag report! My last working version 4.4.6 which was phenomenal! It has had this problem with 4.5, 4.6 …4.9! Very disappointed with this product from the makers of phenomenal products (I owned the whole suite)! Attachment: J Desai Alienware m15 - DxDiag for GigaPixel AI 4.9 Prob.txt (121.1 KB)

I’ve heard version 4.4.6 mentioned many times, but I have 4.4.5 and I never saw 4.4.6, not even in the Topaz changelog. Was it a bootleg copy? :smirk: