Gigapixel AI v4.8.2

Sorry Don - wrong topic! I was referring to Mask AI.

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Can confirm 6x is a border.
Left screen is 6x right is 6.01x
There is a huge difference, all other settings the same. Proceed with CPU and latest version.

Left 6x <-> Right 6.01
All values above 6x are different algorithm

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The last version (4.8.2) is quite stable. Unlike with the previous versions (4.4x), no crushes occur.

There’s an ongoing problem with saving Max. Height setting: when using 2160 pixels, next time the app starts it often loads 2159 px. This may possibly happen with other resize mode settings but I have not tested that.

At the same time, the program misbehaves when you deselect the View setting (Select All). In this situation, the program fails to automatically keep the original filename and saves the processed file with the chosen extension only. This worked OK in v 4.4x and before, and it was also possible to permanently deselect the Wiew setting, i.e. processing the file(s) without using the Navigator at all. Bringing this feature back would be great.

All values above 6x are different algorithm

As I mentioned in the thread for the previous release, the workaround for this is to do enlargements above 6x in incremental steps of less than 6x until you reach the finished size you need. This works because you can do custom decimal factors below 6x, and still get good results without blurring.

I tried your example on an image that was 1050 x 700.
Enlarging it to 6300 x 4200 (6x) was as sharp as expected
Enlarging it in one step to 6310 x 4207 (6.01x) was blurry.
Enlarging the 6300 x 4200 (6x) previous enlargement to 6310 x 4207 (using pixel dimensions) was even sharper

You can use the multiplier function to do repeated enlargements but the resolution is limited to two decimal places so you may not end up with the exact pixel dimensions you’re after that way.
For example using 2.45x and then 2.45x again comes out at 6304 x 4202 and there are no possible combinations closer than that to the intended 6310 x4207 (6.01x) using multipliers alone.


Where can I download version 4.4.5? That was the last version that allowed me to turn off Supress Noise and Remove Blur completely. These settings are only needed in a few cases, and they cause color shifting in most pics (even set at 1). Anyone still have the installer for that version?

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The last version 4.4 was 4.4.6. Still allows to set both values to 0. Strangely, v4.8.2 stops at 1 and the difference is visible. Developers, would you consider returning this setting up to 0? Let the users decide their preference :slight_smile:

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Ok, so where can I download 4.4.6? I need that functionality back.

Send email to Topaz whether they can still provide it. Or wait some time, maybe they will consider this functionality and bring it back in one of the next releases.

Managed to find a download link for 4.4.6:

Luckily they haven’t updated their FAQ page with the newer links yet, so this was still available. Leaving it here for anyone else who wants it.

This looks like a link to a standard online installer of the latest version… But I may be wrong…

It is, but for the software before they had the GUI update (so 4.4.6 is the latest one it installs).

Hi there, is there any progress being made on improving the upscaling algorithm itself? I see a lot of improvements to the UI and other fixes and that’s all fine, but meanwhile an online-only competitor of yours just pushed an update to their algorithm and I have to say, to me the results trump Gigapixel’s now where Gigapixel used to be better… And while Gigapixel wasn’t exactly cheap, this competitor’s pricing plan is plain ridiculous. So I was just wondering if the upscaling algorithm is still in development.

Thank you

Do you mean Let’s Enhance?

I found a troubling image upscaling comparison at Best A.I. Image Upscaler? Top 7 Software Compared! - YouTube where Gigapixel AI got pretty bad ranking because of distorting horizontal lines it adds during its processing. Is Topaz aware of this? And if so, are you working on ironing this issue out? It indeed brings down the final quality of the processed images to the ultimate detriment of otherwise an excellent and truly revolutionary piece of software.

Most everyone here saw that when it first came out 5 months ago. Please, recognize that he has artistic preferences that everyone may not agree with. Not that Gigapixel doesn’t have its issues, but you can make anything look worse than it really is if you want to promote a particular result as “better”.

As far as the horizontal lines in version 4.4 are concerned, depending on the image, I could typically make them come or go by adjusting my preferences. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen them, but I suppose they could possibly still be an artifact in some situations with version 4.8.

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Thanks, this was helpful. How to adjust the preferences to remove the horizontal lines when they appear?

Yes I do

I didn’t think it proper to mention the name here…

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The biggest impact on artifacts is usually the “Use maximum quality AI models” Yes/No option.

After that the CPU versus GPU selection and the memory consumption levels can also have an effect on the end result based on your system configuration.

Finally Suppress Noise and Remove Blur are there for fine tuning the image, and can bring out or help hide artifacts that may be lurking in the starting image.