Gigapixel AI The final image is far worse than the preview in any GPU or CPU processing modes

  1. In PS: view → New guide layout
  2. Select Slice tool
  3. Click to Slices from Guides button
  4. Export for web PNG
  5. Repeat with other parameters
  6. Gigapixel AI
  7. Stitching images in “Microsoft image composite editor”

Although I do not really like Photoshop in terms of PNG or JPG Export for Web. It uses lossy compression as I recall. Photoshop does not know how to make a JPG without losses.

Thanks for the assistance profiwork. My latest issue was not to cut the image into pieces. It was to merge the processed images via Photoshop. That Microsoft tool crashes too often and also was unable to merge the images to a photo again!

Strange, this program never crashed on my PC. And stitches images well. You can try alternatives PTGui or Autopano

It is sad to see such a result in the fifth version. The opinions and wishes of the community are completely ignored.

But I am happy because the scroll-zoom appeared.
Three more years you need to wait and the remaining wishes are realized. And even the interface design of all programs can become the same.

I’ve grown to accept that the final image will not look like the preview, but it is galling to see what is possible when using the underlying AI code on only a small part of the image area as the preview does.

The addition of the Man-Made image type process used with the Max Quality model does produce a slightly better result on your test image that we’ve ever achieved before so at least we have that much progress.

The idea that they could process the image as a series of patches, and then integrate them back together for the final output, is a reasonable one. The seamless stitching of the boundaries may be what makes this a less than straight forward solution.

We will finally be able to describe the pain of working with the program directly to the developers.
The battle for a normal working gigapixel is temporarily moved to this topic:

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I hope users and developers can find the problem and solve it. While I didn’t experience it myself, I trust others have and based on the description it does seem like the program is not delivering for some on what is promised.

But I am happy because the scroll-zoom appeared.

Considering the nature of your complain I am very confused by this sentence. How can you be so vocally unhappy with preview, but then be happy with AI based zoom in non integer steps (multiples of 100%)? Zoomed preview is far more removed (aka different) from the actual output file than 100% preview.

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This is the explanation Eric gave me after investigating the issue:

This is correct as previews are always a sticking point because a high-res preview will take as long to process as the actual output would because it would need to process the whole image.


What Eric wrote I already knew. For me, this is obvious as the words of Captain Obvious. But I proposed a solution on how to get the result identical or comparable with the preview for the whole picture of any size. And the trouble is that they ignore me.

So Eric say it’s not a problem. And will be not fixed. But i see with my eyes the preview much more quality than final image. The settings of the image is useless now, because the preview not shows the final quality. It’s different on each zoom size mode.You will don’t know how’s the final image look like. Interesting. That’s not good.

If you used all or any of the programs from Topaz Labs, you would know that they have a different interface, not unified. And it’s very bad. Topaz Studio had the most thoughtful interface, and I asked to be guided by it in design, as well as add more mouse control, for example, for sliders. They started with a smooth zoom. He is not yet as good as in the studio, or in Photoshop, but I hope they lead programs to a common style.

Personally I am waiting for undo/redo. Zoom at non integer levels using AI processing is mostly useless for assessing image output anyway, so the wheel zoom is more of a gimmick that is too easily activated accidentally. CTRL + wheel would be a better choice, because it is a widely used shortcut (browsers, Lightroom and I even changed my PS to use that) and less easily used unintentionally.

This is normally implemented in the studio. You must require the standardization of interfaces from developers.

But, could you explain where and what are you want to cancel with using the Undo function?
In my country, they usually rhetorically ask: Why does a goat need an accordion?

But, could you explain where and what are you want to cancel with using the Undo function?

Slider changes. Preview renderings are cached so doing a undo/redo is a quick and easy way to compare two different slider settings via keyboard short-cuts. Giving how finicky the sliders are it’s also an easier way to reset a single slider to its last/default value.

Works great in Sharpen and Denoise, even doing multiple steps.

The problem I have with their explanation is even on v5.1.6, you get a sharper/more focused upscale from plain CPU vs OpenVINO accelerated or GPU. Its much closer to the preview on images where the preview is sharp and the upscale is not.

Surely if the AI models are the same, the result shouldn’t differ depending on what hardware you use to get to that result?

I can only guess here. Maybe the GPU is lacking a bit of floating point precision compared to the CPU?

Gigapixel Ai is an expensive tool to be asking so much from its users…why am I struggling to solve what is clearly a production problem…my windows pc meets all the requirements, according to Topaz’ s own guidlines for what should be trouble free use. The other products like Denoise, and Adjust are near perfect in performance…but I refuse to spend time every day trying to figure out why Gigapixel doesn’t work…if it’s not crashing after only getting to a 3% completion phase it stalls at the time of saving…I will be broadcasting to all my photographer friends not to put there money into it until the program is ready for Prime Time:(

Please go to Help-> Graphics info and press Copy then post there info here. At the same time list what the Advanced Preferences are.

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