Gigapixel AI Stuck in Fullscreen Mode (Mac)

I am using Gigapixel AI version 4.0.3 on MacOS 10.13.6. I “maximized/fullscreened” the Gigapixel AI window and now it starts maximized by default. The issue is that the window border and buttons are missing preventing me from resizing the window. Native Mac applications often use the “esc” to exit full screen, but that doesn’t work with the GUI toolkit you are using. As a new user, I can’t upload a screenshot, but essentially the app looks normal except that the MacOS title bar covers the upper portion of the application window where the close/resize icons would usually be.

How do I reset the application resolution?

Is there anywhere you can grab one of the sides of the application with the mouse pointer and resize that side before dragging it down where you can grab a corner and resize it? ( I don’t use Mac but on Windows that is what I would do :slight_smile: )

I tried moving my mouse to the extreme edges of the display, but the cursor does not change to the resize cursor and dragging there does not resize the window, so I think the window borders are completely gone.

Can you change the screen resolution to make the display larger i.e. reduce any zoom back to 100% and change the app window size that way.

That is a good idea, but I’m running at 3840x2160 and don’t have a larger display. I did try lowering my resolution, starting Gigapixel AI, then increasing resolution with while it was running, but the GUI automatically snaps to the full size of the new resolution.

Also, I was running at 100% scaling already, so I can’t increase my display area that way.

I think the only option now is to raise a support request as I don’t know where the application specific environment parameters are kept on a Mac or if someone else here knows how to resets the system parameters maybe they can step in. Of course it doesn’t help but on Windows you just need to delete the registry entries and it will build the default again.

The help system can be accessed via the Studio button on the Need Help? link at the head of the page. Then raise a request and select GigaPixel AI from the standalone applications.

Maybe @ATharp can also put together a support answer on the web site for getting out of situations like this as it happens quite often.

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Also I’m not sure if this article will help:

Unfortunately Gigapixel AI doesn’t use a standard MacOS GUI toolkit, so these menu options don’t exist. Thanks for the help. I’ll wait a bit for additional ideas and will then file a support request.

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Just a thought as I use Windows and know very little of Mac

Are you saying that the Gigapixel Title bar is completely ‘off the edge of the screen’ if so what I say is of no use!

However, if there is a cursors touch of the bar even though the “buttons” are lost I wonder if like Windows you double click on (what there is of?) the title bar that is like clicking the “fill screen/minimise” button. But as noted there must be some of the title bar there to do it.

MacOS will minimize a window when the title bar is double clicked, but in my case it isn’t visible to click on whatsoever. Thanks for the idea.

I have this same issue with ReMask, I can’t use the plugin at all because the OK button is off screen.

Was there ever a solution?

You need to raise a support request at the Topaz Labs website.

Topaz Labs’ support team was able to help me. Essentially you need to remove the application preference files and relaunch. I used a program call AppCleaner to do this, but you can also follow the instructions here, but targeting ReMask instead of Gigapixel AI.

Oops, I responded to the wrong issue and deleted it.