Gigapixel AI - Separate computing devices for preview and save

There are 2 things i’d love to be added to Gigapixel AI:

  1. Add ability to select computing device if there are more than one. E.G. like you did in Video Enhance AI.
  2. Make this selection separate for Preview and Save. I’d love to be able to quickly see changes i make with Suppress Noise and Remove Blur (using GPU for that, since CPU previews are not the fastest thing out there), but i’d also like to make final Save via CPU to achieve best results.


In some quick testing, CPU doesn’t consistently give the best results. Most of the time the GPU results are the same, its only on certain images where the GPU/OpenVINO seems to fail to focus/sharpen the image as expected.

I do think we need to be able to choose the GPU though as my main monitor is on iGPU with my TV on the dGPU. This means Gigapixel fails to use the dGPU unless I reboot with the dGPU as the primary display. Simply switching displays in Windows doesn’t seem to work, it locks to what was primary at boot even though it says its using the dGPU.