Gigapixel AI - quality of enlargements

I am asking only about the quality of enlargements. I am not asking about size.

The Gigapixel screen has buttons to scale 2X, 4X, and 6X.
I want to know if the quality of an enlarged image is somehow better when scaled to an even number such as 2, 4, or 6. In other words, will the quality (not size) of an enlarged image also be as good if enlarged to 3X or even something like 1.5X of 2.75X and so forth?

The quality of the enlargements only depends on the quality of the input file not the scaling selected, although scaling up to say 6X may also be better done in steps depending on the quality of the input image.

For example, in an extreme situation, if I had a highly compressed JPG I would probably run it through JPEG to RAW and produce a TIF as the starting input but, even so, I would enlarge in steps rather than aiming for one run just to check how good the upscaling is.

But remember that GigaPixel will continue to evolve and get better with time.

Thanks for the reply, Don. I guess the buttons on the app is what concerned me: 2X, 4X, and 6X. It just seemed like Gigapixel was “favoring” even enlargements. As to the quality of the input image, I never shoot jpg and the input is always 16-bit. I am aware of the old acronym: GIGO.

I understand what you say about mega-enlargements done in steps, but that is true for all apps. Besides, I never go past 4X.
Do you recommend “steps” when trying to achieve 4X? That would be two jumps at 2X each.

For 4X with good quality input it should be OK, and really I would only recommend steps for low quality images … but, of course, you could always try a more balanced output by doing 2X twice to check the result.

GigaPixel wasn’t favoring even enlargements just that it is more convenient when dealing with images that may cross the 32,000 pixel size limit on the longest edge.

I would add that if your original picture is just fair or better you will usually see a great improvement upscaling with Gigapixel. Some will even seem to be miraculous. For larger pictures you can use a 1.00 setting and just let it clean up the picture.

Thank you AW, appreciate the reply. 90% of the time I only do 2X enlargements. Source images are 16-bit and RAW from a FF camera. I will say that when doing enlargements most of the time the enlarged image looks better than the original.

As to cleaning up the image, I have never tried that but possibly a good workflow tip for those who do not have other apps. As for me, I have other Topaz apps that I find work well and allow me to fine tune enhancements.