GigaPixel AI processing results

Gigapixel AI at work. Seven Year old i7, 32GB RAM, 2GB Video Card, W10

2 minutes processing time because I crop first - 20 minutes if Gigapixel AI has to wade through all the detail in the full image: Canon 7DII, Canon 100-400 IS II

NOTE: Demo only, not a final image –


Just curious (and I know it’s not your final image), but what happens if you feed it through Gigapixel a second time?

I’ve have some great success with it, but I have one photo (old 2013 camera photo of kids playing) that just can’t be salvaged. There just isn’t the detail hidden in the photo to tease out. Not even with Gigapixel or DeNoise or any of them.

No matter what, though, I’m happy with most of the results I’ve gotten on everything else.

Oh, and I love your eagle. Very nice shot.


Thanks for the compliment - but it’s a 200’ lucky shot saved by depth of field - the focal point is about 3’ in front of the bird :slight_smile: Speaks volumes about Canon glass and Gigapixel AI.

For the record, I have two generations for Topaz apps: some aren’t perfect but I wouldn’t sell any of them back to Topaz for 3 times what I paid,

RE old images, is this digital or print?

I’ve had success with older prints as the detail is often good to excellent… digital is mixed.

If a print I’d make a good digital copy - in either case I’d start with JPEG to RAW AI and experiment with all the AI from there. I’ve noticed sometimes there are extras within each app; for example, Gigapixel AI tends to sharpen.

I don’t know if there’s a way to email me directly - if so feel free to send me a copy and I’ll give it the ol’ Topaz try!

All the Best


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It was a digital photo taken from a low res camera back when the point and shoot cameras were way ahead of phone cameras. In addition, it was taken in snow with the light source behind the kids and at a 15’ (ish) distance. All that could go wrong, did. But I will try jpeg to raw. That’s a good suggestion. I haven’t used that software, yet, so what the heck, might as well try it.