Gigapixel AI: Multiple layers in Photoshop

I’m working with a PS file with quite a few layers; when I select a single layer and choose File > Automate > Gigapixel AI, the plugin opens, I apply settings (e.g. 2x resize), it generates a new layer in PS and resizes the image.

If I select multiple layers, new layers are generated in PS immediately but the plugin doesn’t open and the processing doesn’t get applied.

If I do one layer at a time, each time I apply the settings the original file is resized by e.g. 2x so I can’t easily work with more than one layer in a file without creating a new file for each layer and then moving the output layers back to the original file, which isn’t workable for more than a tiny handful of layers.

Am I doing something wrong or does Gigapixel AI not support PS files with more than one layer?


You will need to select those multiple layers, create a new stamped layer and pass that to GigaPixel.

You can’t pass multiple layers to GigaPixel from one image as it makes no sense from 1 file using a plugin.

@AiDon Thanks! I was hoping it would be able to scale all raster layers and masks at once, either via the plugin or with the main app supporting PSDs via drag-and-drop. Oh well, one can dream!

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This would be an incredible must-have feature. Does anyone know if this is being worked on?

I use Gigapixel for 3D / CG renders that have various object mattes. It’s a bit of a pain and tricky task management to individually break these out.