Gigapixel AI 7.1.0 - Can't view smaller image at 100% zoom anymore


Ever since I updated to Gigapixel 7.x I can no longer view small images at 100% zoom. If they are smaller than the program’s window, they will be blown up to fit the program’s window instead of displaying at 100%. This gives unrealistic representation of how the upscaled image will look like because it introduces blurriness. Setting the zoom at 100% in the lower right corner does nothing. I find myself having to constantly export the upscaled images just to see if they look correct at 100%. Can you kindly fix this?

This problem appeared after Gigapixel 7 released and didn’t happen with the 6.x versions.


Have you updated to Gigapixel v7.1.1?

If not, go ahead and update to this version and let me know if you still experience this, please.

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Thanks for the suggestion, @simmy.topazlabs . After updating to v7.1.1 I no longer have this problem. Thanks for the quick fix!

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This is great news! You’re so welcome!