GigaPixel AI 5.6.1 for Mac preview window bug

I really want to purchase GigaPixel for Mac (OS 12.0.1 Monterey) but it only applies the upres to a portion of the image in the preview window. I would include images but it says “this forum doesn’t allow images.” The other bug is that when I click on the image it doesn’t show me the low-res version unless I push to the harder second click, and that only works 50% of the time. Thanks.

P.S. Also in your tooltips the one for Settings says “noise” twice rather than the second one saying “blur”.

P.S.S. Also it crashes a lot. I’m not going to buy a piece of software that behaves as if it’s unfinished.

Also the “check for updates” says that I’m running the latest version even though a new one was released today.

Update: Ok, the 5.7.0 update fixed the bug where the low res version wasn’t popping on when the upres version was clicked, and more importantly I figured out that the cause of the bug in which portions of the image were staying low res and fuzzy was the “Reduce Color Bleed” option. In the bluish portions of my image it nearly completely wiped out any upres enhancements of the AI. When this is unchecked the program behaves normally. It’s hard to say if long run it will still crash occasionally, but so far it hasn’t.

Update: Crashing to the point of unusable, other bugs now. Oh well.