Gigapixel AI 4.3.1 Face Refinement

I tried this new feature out on an image that had several people facing in different directions. For the one in the back that was looking at the camera it made an amazing difference. Bravo!

For the others it either added a bit of distortion, or it turned the straight profile shot on the right into something out of a Salvador Dali painting with a new face pasted onto the side of his head. I can understand now why they made this an optional function.

It’s too bad that it can’t be done selectively through some sort of masking function. Use it where it helps and avoid it where it hurts.

Disaster Relief Station After The Dayton Memorial Day Tornado Outbreak (Original Image Without Gigapixel AI)

I think my work flow for now will have to be to make two versions of the enlargement (one with and one without face refinement), and then cut and past the best parts of the two images together again in post.