Gigapixel AI 4.2.1 Output Folder Choice is GONE

Sadly, although this version has some really nice Interface Changes, there is one change that is actually a bad one.

Used to have 2 Output Choices:
1 Source Folder
2 Custom

Now Option 1 is gone. This wastes a lot of time for those of us who frequently switch back and forth between options 1 and 2.

It is disappointing to no longer have a really useful menu choice that has worked well (and posibly something no one has ever complained about). In fact it may have taken a lot of past requests to get this done so that everyone was pretty happy.

Please put this back the way it was.


Dan, It is possible that you are seeing something that I’m not. I’m using the same version you are 4.2.1 and when I used it just now, the first option is still there. When you look in the output window right under the “save to” text you see — [Source Folder]. This is the default option and it sends your processed image right back to the folder it was dragged from. Custom is the “Browse” button, and you get to choose where it goes.

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When I first start up the program from scratch I see the two choices, but once I choose a Custom folder, I can no longer get back to the Source Folder unless I Browse - rather than simply choosing Source with a single click.
I suppose I can exit GPix and then restart the program - but when I discovered this issue, I didn’t know that the choice reset when the program loads.
Would you please confirm my experience ? I’m pretty sure I clicked on the Save to and it simply shows the Custom Location and because I have lots of folders quite deep it takes a lot clicking to get back to the original Source folder.

Thanks a lot for your reply.



Dan, I can confirm your experience. Once you have used Custom, then it will remain on that path until you browse to another path. Only if you browse to the same path that the source image came from will it return to [Source Folder].

Closing Gigapixel AI and reopening it does not reset the default to Source Folder.

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Thank you for confirming this. This is a change from the prior official version and or prior beta version.

Anyone else who finds this an issue, please raise your voice so that Topaz would be willing to put it back the way it was.

Thanks !!!

As far as Closing and Opening GPix - I thought that when I did that and dragged and dropped a file, the default Save was back to the Source folder from the dropped file. No ?


No, not here at least. Having opened Gigapixel AI, whether I then drag and drop an image, or browse and open one, the default output path remains as set prior to the last program shut down.

For those that choose to always export to a specific output folder regardless of where the source files come from, that is actually a good thing.

Yes, it would be good for people who always export to the same folder. I’m not at my Photography computer so I can’t verify if the Preferences let you choose whether to keep the last output path.
I did verify that when I restart the program it then offers the 2 choices.

Thanks !

The workaround in 4.2.2 I’m using right now is you can click Help> reset setting to default.
It can get the “source folder” back.

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What I found is that since I have this 4.2.2 version installed along with an earlier Beta version, is that after I set the Beta to SOURCE, the 4.2.2 then uses SOURCE. It appears that the two programs share settings.
Perhaps someone else can check this out to validate my experience.

Thanks for that tip, it works with 4.3.1 also

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