Gigapixel 7.0.1


We are releasing a patch that should fix a few issues related to resolution metadata as well as fixing/adding support for a handful of cameras. We’ve also changed the processing flow so that alpha layers are now upscaled via the models as well instead of naively upscaled. This should improve the quality of results for RGBA images.

As a note, all pre-7.0.0 versions of Gigapixel will upgrade through 7.0.0. This means if you’re on 6.3.3, the in-app upgrade flow will take you to 7.0.0, and then you can see 7.0.1 from that version. You may optionally also download the installers directly from this thread. They should automatically uninstall Gigapixel 6 for you before installing the updated version.

Released January 31st, 2024
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Change log:

  • Alpha channel is now enhanced with models instead of being naively upscaled
  • Improved handling of updating from non-standard Gigapixel 6 installs
  • Fixed PNG not saving PPI information correctly
  • Fixed custom DCP profiles not applying to output DNG files
  • Updated lensfun definitions
  • Updated camera profiles for several cameras
    • Major support changes for the following:
      • Panasonic 95D
      • Hasselblad H5D-40
      • Sony ILCE-6700
      • Sony DSLR-A900
      • Olympus TG-7
    • Also updates HUE/LUT information for various cameras

Please do NOT save meta data to an image that do not refer to the image itself. So many people are confused about it. An image has Pixels. No dpi. No ppi. An image “gets” a dpi/ppi resolution when it is being displayed/printed. The image itself has only pixels…


1 DPI in photoshop is Fixed,but why process 2 times save to Photoshop ?

For me the same happens, the Export Progressbar is running twice :pensive:

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It might be of little use to us, but I don’t think Topaz are in a position to override the rest of the industry yet.

Back in the 1980’s the industry claimed that colored graphics and graphical user interfaces are unprofessional. They also claimed that MS-DOS was the international business standard even though Unix was the common OS for professional use at that time…

If you can get Adobe to abolish the use of dpi/ppi, maybe Topaz will follow suit.

We miss the point here. The dpi exist on paper. Without a physical thing like a paper where the image is printed on we are unable to calculate a pixel/dot density. In this case the meta data are just of a theoretical interest.

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7.0.1 work fine for solving my ppi problem but same problem for Photo Ai 2.3.0. with PPI.

Theoretical interest to us, but used in dtp software for sizing in page layouts. So Topaz have to maintain compatibility for use cases that don’t apply to us.

Gigapixel 7.1 sucks. It is taking nearly an HOUR simply to process and save ONE image. PLUS I REALLY HATE that 7.1 doesn’t provide for saving at 0.5 gigapixels as did the previous version. I end up having to manually input 0.5 gigapixels in order to save at that decreased file size which I NEED for posting to social media.

Plus, if I try to save a portrait style image, It WILL NOT save in 2005 gigapixels for a height dimension.

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I am seeing the same thing. The Enhance preview runs twice whenever I pan around or change models and when I click to save it, the process runs twice. And it’s not as if each run of the progress bar is half as long, it’s literally taking 2x what it took before to process. Wishing I stayed on 7.0.0 now.

the last version was decent…so annoyed that I updated to 7.0.1. It’s taking so long!!

Gigapixel 7.0.1 fresh install, 2023 M2 Mac Mini (500/16), latest Ventura OS.

No problem at all running facial recovery on a 2011 non-DLSR lo-res digital image (Winter Solstice at Griffith Park Observatory, LA). Running facial recovery on the entire group at 4X took about a minute to export.

Here is the work in progress in GP and PAI, as well as a color-corrected in PS comparison screenshot of the GP and PAI exported results. Plus another GP work in progress with a different model and higher settings.


I am finding that 7.0.1 is not as good as 6.3. I am trying to enhance a jpg with faces and it is not doing anything to the image.

There is a known processing issue as described by Gigapixel 7.0.0 - #115 by martyna.hendzel. We did not fix in 7.0.1, but will surely fix it in 7.0.2.

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Low resolution without face recover, Looks as face recover! but not all picture can be so beautiful. Is that face -recover be turned on automaticlly for low resolution pictures?

No, you need to turn it on. Either for the image or through Autopilot Settings.

Gigapixel 7.0.1 suffers from the same problems as the old versions. Parts of an image are improved, other parts not. And there is a hard line between them.