Getting a weird digital artifact on exported images -

I’m suddenly getting this weird artifact on export when doing a simple “removing noise” process. I wish I could attach an example to illustrate what I’m seeing, so I uploaded this link instead:

Anyone know what’s going on here? It’s also intermittent – doesn’t happen every time.

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And here’s another example that’s even worse:

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What is the product you are using? What’s your OS? What’s your CPU and RAM then what’s your GPU, vRAM and driver version?

iMac Pro


Processor 3.2 GHz 8-Core Intel

Xeon W

Graphics Radeon Pro Vega 56 8GB

Memory 32 GB 2666 MHz DDR4

macOS Ventura 13.5.1

You still haven’t said which app/product you’re using.

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Apologies, it’s Topaz Photo AI, latest version, just trying to run the remove noise function.