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Dear users,

Our company has decided that we want to use our users’ art/photography to enhance the ambiance of our office. We are looking to buy several pieces of framed photos, ideally larger format, 3x4 or larger, that have been enhanced with our software. We love to see the art you create with the software we made and cannot wait to have it on display within our office.

The categories we are interested in are Nature, Technology, Film, Anthropology/Travel, and Achievement/Competition. Please submit a proposal that includes the photograph and a description of the software used in the editing process and a link to your ecommerce site so we can buy it. Please only submit if you’re willing to let us highlight it in our marketing (with credit to the artist).

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What if I do not have an e-commerce site? Can I still submit?
Pankaj Joshi

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I sell privately. I do not have an ecommerce site. I have always given Topaz Labs a shout out when I post my photos.


Please feel free to submit! Our goal is to be able to buy + hang it on the wall without needing to go through a print center, etc. But yes feel free to submit your art.

If you have something you’d like to submit, we’re happy to consider it. Just trying to minimize the number of steps (and time) it would take us to get it on the wall. Thanks for being part of the beta test group :slight_smile:


Thanks. i will submit.

This image of a darter tossing a fish had to be cropped and since I had to use fast shutter speed, the image had some noise. too. With Topaz Denoise AI and Gigapixel AI I could overcome these limitations.

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Title: “Jackie & Shadow - Persevering Together

Jackie is the female bald eagle keeping her 3 eggs warm in spite of the hardships of record cold & snow. Shadow is the male bald eagle (her mate on the ‘front porch’ branch of their nest) who brings food and nest materials (& sometimes coaxes Jackie off the nest to get time incubating the eggs he helped produce).

This is a snip of the original .tiff. I processed the very low res image using Photo AI for denoising and sharpening and Gigapixel AI for upscaling 6x. Both as plugins to Photoshop.

Any particular types of images/scenes you guys would like to see on the walls?