Georgia on My Mind

A surreal composite I created, inspired by the works of Georgia O’Keeffe during her time in New Mexico - using elements I photographed in, on (the roof) and around (gardens) the San Francisco Academy of Sciences.

Georgia’s flower paintings are part of her signature style. But during her time living in NM she’d walk out into the desert and collect the skulls of long gone animals to incorporate into certain works. That’s what inspired me when I saw similar elements in the SF natural history museum.

Created in Ps CC 2019. Used Adjust AI as plugin + Ps Layers of various ilks, masking, blend modes, etc.


Creative and cool work …

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Actually this reminds much more of René Magritte. See here Magritte museum in Brussels:


OMG! You just made my year!!! Magritte is just about my favorite artist! Up there with Hopper and Wyeth… Perhaps the idea was subliminal!

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So we have two in common. I have always liked Magritte and Edward Hopper. In the early 80’s I saw an exhibition with Hopper paintings which just blew me away…

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Was the Hopper show at the Whitney? They had a curator (at their old location) who was ‘the’ expert on his work…probably in that timeframe.

No, this was in London and I do not remember the gallery who exhibited.

Cool, very Jerry Uelsmann like.

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Thx! Love his work!!