General propsition: release user's reaction monitoring

For preventing users reaction monitoring and keeping of releases’ efficiency tracking there may be some kind of poll attached to each release thread in “Releases” section for all developing products. It can provide clear visible progress and make focus on next steps required.
Such poll can consist by number of parameters with score scale. For example:

  • workable (scale may consist of: problematic → some bugs → small issues not prevent from usage → flawless)
  • user interface (problematic → some bugs → small issues → very well)
  • functionality (problematic → some bugs → small imperfection → outstanding)
  • progress related to previous release (degradation → the same → small improvement → well progressed)
    Also such poll should contain minimal informational section (HW Base: Apple/Regular PC/VM, Using of AI processor: AI/GPU/CPUonly, Number of AIU/GPU in system).

Such way you can get not only common feedback without necessary to harvest this information from individual posts, but also get a statistics and progress indication for each release of product.


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