Garlic chives

(JeanieW) #1

Testing out a cheap Hoya +3 close-up filter.
Some clarity and colour adjustments in Topaz.

(GregoryY) #2

Lovely image. Just one thing I find a little confusing, is this the right way up? The stem coming out of the top is playing with my mind.

(ScottO) #3

Nice image. How do you like the closeup filters? I'm thinking about getting a couple myself for flower images. Looks like they produce plenty of detail and sharpness.

I grow these in my garden too. I suspect that's another, taller, flower stalk that happens to be coming up from below. Mine make multiple flower clusters per plant of varying heights from a foot or so to twice that high or more. They're a tasty addition to salads and go well with onion chives.

(GregoryY) #4


Ahhh! That makes good sense now. And it makes me hungry. Cheers.

(JeanieW) #5

You're right Scott. Its a shorter stem amongst longer ones but you got me thinking too for a moment. I started growing them to eat but find the flowers a real bonus - so pretty.

(JeanieW) #6

I only have the one filter at the moment but it was very cheap (£2.75 used on ebay) so I'm not expecting too much from it. I used to have a dedicated macro lens on my last camera and found a close-up filter on top gave some very good results. I've only used this one once so only time will tell. No doubt I will post more of the results soon :slight_smile:

(Peter) #7

the result is by no means cheap. Nice!

(Kenneth Kovach) #8

Beautiful closeup, very impressive results from the screw on filter