Gallery Mode for Denoise and Sharpen AI

Hello Topaz,
i do a lot of Wildlife photography with very long lenses and often high iso. Denoise AI and Sharpen AI are invaluable tools for this purpose - thank you!
There is, however, something you could do to speed up my workflow a lot.
I often do batch processing out of Lightroom. When my editing in Lightroom is done, I often process the whole folder or at least many pictures in Denoise. Auto mode is often a good starting point for Denoise controls, however, there is still manual adjustment of the controls necessary, to find the sweet spot of each picture - or at least anywhere near. So while batch processing often saves me an hour of screen time, the adjustment before batch processing takes a lot of time because each time I change one of the controls, I have to reprocess. I’d guess in my workflow, not having to reprocess while I am sitting in front of the screen would save me hours each month.
Therefore, I’d like to suggest a feature I’d call ‘gallery mode’.
This mode would look similar to comparison view, but it would not compare multiple operation modes. It would enable the user to compare different settings for each picture.
User would configure which application mode he wants to use and would configure a ‘base’ setting for each control and all of the pictures in the batch stack. This setting could be a concrete value or - preferably - he could opt to use ‘auto’ setting as a basic setting. In this case, auto is determined by Denoise/sharpen for each picture individually. The user would then configure an offset width for each control. After that, he can click through his batch stack and configure field of view and zoom for each picture individually. When everything looks good, he presses a ‘generate previews’ button and Denoise/Sharpen will process a 4 previews for each picture in the stack and arrange them in a split screen view for comparison. Settings for each pictures are for example ‘auto’, auto+1offset, auto+2offset, auto-offset.
User can then leave his computer alone for a few minutes of processing. After his return, he can select each picture in the batch stack, immediately sees the 4 preprocessed comparison views and can select the one he likes most for each picture. After selecting, he hits the ‘apply all’ button and starts the familiar batch processing.
This way, user will not have to wait for preprocessing anymore. I’d pay 100 dollars extra for such a feature upgrade, as time is always short.
I also made a UI sketch for better understanding: