Gaia HQ (GHQ) V6

Title says it all, improved, better trained Gaia model

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It exists, they just need to make it public

GHQ v6 was exactly the same as v5 it has been unofficially renamed v6 because of Gaia-CG V6 that was different from V5 but still never officially released too.

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hello, where i find gaia v6 ?

Note to GHQ…
When i Choose it… and in the settings to “low” it switches back to Artemis.
I cannot use Gaia at all.


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Install version 2.3.0, rename the .json file for gaia (C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming) from v5 to v6, then open this file with notepad and at the very beginning change the version number from 5 to 6, save