GAIA and THEIA for upscaling?

Hi all, i hope everyone is doing great.

Quick question, i just started experimenting with Topaz since i want to upscale some of my Blu-Rays (waited for too long and no UHD releases in sight) and i was wondering if i should just use Gaia or use Gaia And Theia together.

Would that offer anything or would it make things worse? From what i see each of them focuses on different things but again i just started experimenting with topaz and well, leaving my system on for 24 hours only to find out i didn’t have to use both (no benefit) seemed too much.

Thank you.

So, noone knows?

I never had luck with Thaia.
if your BR is good quality, go with Gaia or proteus

So using both would not do any good to the final result? BRs are FullHD, nothing exciting but i doubt they are coming to UHD anytime soon if at all.

I never said it will do no good, all I said, I never had good success with Thaia AI (in general).

The model selection will vary based on your input file. It’s hard to make suggestions without the original source clip.

Here is our Quick Start Guide for Video AI, which includes descriptions of each filter’s use case.

Then i guess the only way for me to check will be to experiment…Will take time that’s my sole issue

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A bit like yourself, I am looking at improving a lifetime of collected video. For the last 6 months, I have been busy on DVDs and have been amazed at how good TVAI is compared to the other products I tried. I have worked through all the different models and found good combinations for late 70’s classics (mainly Morse and the like which are not generally available on Blu-Ray).
I am now turning my attention to 720p and 1080p sources rather than 576i and I am finding it’s a whole different game trying to get the gob-smacking results I’ve got on DVDs.
In addition to the change in format, the source is inevitably huge compared to the lower resolutions which means results are harder to come by.
I’ve found the preview facilities in TVAI are ok, but you are limited to just a very short section of, say, a 2 hour video. So if you just go forward with this export, when you come to watch the whole show, different scenes and environments don’t look so good.
I was working with an NVIDIA 3050 laptop which was great, but nowhere powerful enough to do more than a minute or so of encoding. So I shelled out on a 4070Ti PC which is about 4 times as quick.
The approach I am trying now is to take a few slices with Avidemux and run them through on the larger machine.
The results are ok, but I am getting a bit frustrated trying to see different outcomes with Theia (Fidelity or Details?), Gaia et al.
I can’t seem to find any tutorials more detailed than the Janet-and-John ‘getting started’ stuff.
Additionally, Google is no longer my friend - when I search looking for any ideas, all I seem to find is sites looking to clip the ticket.
So I was looking at starting a thread when I saw your post.
How did you move forward?
Any luck?
Did you find any info or reasources?

I’ve been searching all over for something someone posted a few days ago. It was about using Proteus 3 and Fix Focus being the best. The search on here is useless.