Future of Studio and Restyle with policy changes

To date, Eric has referred to charging for AI product updates in future. I have now received my refund for these.
However, have I missed anything or has Topaz commented on the future on Studio, which is now Studio 2 and already at a cost?
When they get around to finally adding back the Studio 1 features currently absent, and fix bugs, is that still within the current Studio 2 , or regarded as a new upgrade at a cost?
The original Topaz programs have now all been declared legacy and unsupported (a great way to dodge lifetime updates by the way). Topaz may argue these are now absorbed into Studio. However what happens to those, like Restyle, which haven’t been?
Are these just dying or is there a plan to got them into Studio 2? Again, if they will end up in Studio 2, will this be under a new upgrade at a cost. If this is the plan, will there be grandfathering of current owners or is grandfathering generally defunct now.
All these questions of course depend on Topaz surviving as a business after the current outcry and its flow on effects.

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I think that that is not so, lifetime updates refer to the life of the product, and these were classed as legacy over 2 years ago and haven’t been updated since.

My personal thoughts are that they wont be updated, note i am not a Topaz employee, as many have replacement now.


I tend to agree with Knokin’s point of view. If I buy a Honda car and they offer me a free upgrade for life, I tend to think its MY lifetime they are talking about. Even if it is not, as long as “whatever they call it” continues to preform the same function (i.e. drive down the road), I expect to get a free upgrade. After all, that’s how they marketed the program, they need to honor it for those who bought into their vision. If they want to change the terms for new buyers, that’s fine. But, honor your commitment to those that came aboard in the grass roots and bought into your promises. Just because TL repackages their product in a new wrapper (TS) and gives it a new name (like Denoise AI), it’s still “Denoise” that I purchased 5 years ago-- just an improvement which SHOULD be part of that lifetime upgrade. It’s function is still to denoise!

It only makes sense in the above way. Otherwise, TL (or anyone else for that matter) could say, "We’re calling it Studio 2 this year. Studio one (that you just bought into for lifetime upgrades)-- too bad; joke’s on you! I ask you-- Does studio 2 do what Studio did/does? Is it’s planned purpose to be a platform to apply filters and touch-ups to pictures and fine tune them? Then it’s an upgrade to Studio 1. End of story.

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