Future of DeNoise AI, Gigapixel AI, Sharpen AI and Mask AI

Since Photo AI seems to be incorporating all of the features of DeNoise AI, Gigapixel AI, Sharpen AI and Mask AI, will these other product eventually be discontinued?

I’m concerned about this too. I’ve used Denoise, Sharpen and Gigapixel a lot and pay for upgrades. I didn’t like Photo AI at first, but now I use it for most images. But there are still situations where I prefer to use one or more of the other apps.

But while Photo AI gets a lot of updates, the other apps have not–I think their last updates were a couple for Denoise in February.

Does Topaz have a roadmap for Denoise, Sharpen, Gigapixel and Mask?

Legacy apps are listed here, otherwise they are current if not listed:

Thanks, but of course I was referring to Gigapixel AI, Denoise AI, Sharpen AI and Mask AI, not legacy products, of which I have a bunch.

I think you missed his point. Unless an App is listed as “Legacy” that means it’s actively being maintained and updated…


If you actually read the link of the ones you mentioned only Mask AI shows as a Legacy app … all the others you mentioned are current.

OK, you got me there. I only mentioned Mask AI because the OP did.

Can you contribute to my original question? Essentially, will there be any more updates to Denoise AI, Sharpen AI, or Gigapixel AI, for which I have paid for upgrades through next February? Or is all effort going to Photo AI?

I believe there will be but the current focus is on Photo AI … It has been stated by the devs that they will be updated.

Not to forget Jpeg to Raw AI. :slight_smile:

It’s a legacy product.

I understand that DeNoise AI, Gigapixel AI and Sharpen AI are current. I just wanted to know if the plan is to phase them out over the coming months as Photo AI is developed further.

There is no such plan the devs have updated GigaPixel this year and have noted that development has slowed down with the focus on Photo AI. And anyway, as the 3 apps are still for sale, I suspect no one is going to say they will be deprecated in favor of other products.

While deprecating the three individual apps, DAI, SAI, GAI, may not be a stated plan, it is very apparent from the lack of updates since the release of Photo AI that they are “back burner” items. What is also obvious when trying to solely use Photo AI is that while it is good, it still has issues and needs more work. It is where Photo AI failed that the user must rely on the three, stand-alone, apps or move to a non-Topaz product.

I would encourage Topaz to redirect some development efforts to continue development of the stand-alone apps. In my experience, Photo AI is not yet ready to stand as a single keystone product. Customers paying for a subscription for any of the stand-alone apps deserve, through their purchase, for those apps to receive the same attention as Photo AI.

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I agree with most of the comments above and that Topaz is putting all their eggs in the basket of Topaz Photo AI at the expense of their other stand alone applications. Given that Topaz has a history of discontinuing support for products Users have paid for, it is obvious that Topaz Labs will soon put Sharpen AI, DeNoise AI and their other AI stand alone applications in the same catagory.

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Yes indeed. And I have to say in as much as I have been a customer of Topaz Labs since their inception - and will continue to do so - their company about facing leaves much to be desired. To discontinue their previous (still image) standalone apps and then reintroduce them one by one seems perverse, ill considered and opportunistic. What can I say? I am dealing with the changing face and daily rigour or North American IT.

Here in this post your questions will be answered …

Hmm. It appears that Sharpen AI and Denoise AI will be incorporated into Photo AI and, as such, both of these products have reached end-of-life?

They are already, obviously you don’t use any of the products.

I thought Gigapixel AI was also incorporated into Photo AI; but Gigapixel AI was just updated.

It is incorporated and is sold as a separate product.

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