Hi, I was working on some documents; JPG text photos, one at a time, (of many) when the program Topaz Photo AI 2.0.0 froze and lost my work
Wanted to let you know. – This has also happened before and the project had to be started again.
But I love this program I have been using for a long time.

@steingrimur.kristins Are you using a Mac? If so and the application is freezing, please try the troubleshooting steps in this article.
Topaz Photo AI Freezes on Importing Image (Mac)

Let me know otherwise.

No, – see attachment

I’ve been working on the same thing for quite a while, after I finally figured it out to restart my computer.
Everything seems to be fine.
Thank you for answering,

P.S. I have processed more than a thousand old photographs with Topaz, which I scanned 40-50 years ago.
Topaz is wonderful.
I am an 89 year old teenager with a photographic eye for 65 years (amateur)

Have a nice day


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Only promising you to know-- Additional response.
Frozen again. I am calm.
View the attachment


Please send me your system profile information so I can check if your computer hardware is up to date.
How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)

This will give me some more info about your computer and specifically your graphics card so I can see how we can optimize the performance for you. Thanks!

Be happy tim.he

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking, I know all the workings of my image editing programs, but my familiarity with Windows is very limited.

In addition, I’m not good at understanding everything written and or spoken in the English language (never learned the language at school), use Google Translate a lot.

I don’t trust myself to follow the instructions you sent me a link to, but I took a few screenshots and sent them to you, hoping they will help. View the attachments.

And one more addition, I have now been working on T-" Preserve Text" as you can see in the attachment: “Frozen”

First I took many at once and set to Text one at a time on the screen, and then the program froze.
But in the last few days I have uploaded 9-12 pictures at once and everything went without a hitch, and I have actually stopped that work for the time being. But what I was working on are copies (jpg) of old documents and newspaper clippings,
Don’t worry about me.

Everything else has gone much better and surprising quality than I as an 89 year old “teenager” could have imagined possible.

Best regards.



It looks like you’re processing a larger batch. Try processing fewer photos at once and see if that reduces the freezing!

You are right, I had realized that and have taken a smaller dose 10-12 at a time. It works fine.

Thanks for the help


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tim.he Tim He Product Specialist


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Nú komu upp endurtekin óþægindi, við vinnu minni með Topaz Photo AI.

Ég hefi verið að vinna við gamlar fjölskyldu myndir með Topaz Photo AI .
Forritið rétt byrjar á vinnslu fyrstu myndunni, af 200 +/- og stoppar svo, eins og meðfylgjandi viðhengi sýnir. Ég get ekki haldið áfram með verkið.
Fyrir síðustu uppfærslu gat ég hlaðið upp yfir 1000 ljósmyndum til lagfæringa án vandræða.

Ég hefi endurræst tölvu mína, en ekkert breytist. Allt annað í tölvu minni virkar eðlilega.

Vinsamlega leiðbeinið mér.
Er tölva mín að angra mig eða er það forritið ???

Með vinsemd.


Like I mentioned previously in the thread, the hardware is the limiting factor in this case. Please process smaller batches to prevent the crashing. I understand this isn’t ideal especially for large batches but it’s better than losing your work part way and being unable to salvage the edits you’ve already made.

Hi, Tim
I have figured out why the program froze, I think.
It is probably the fault of one picture that was in the load.
The image had the extension file.ACDS - File format associated with my image editing program ACDSee Ultimate 2024 - Very rarely saves like that, but happens if I tag an image specifically with that program.

I tried this image with Topaz, and then the program froze, and when I dropped the image in question and loaded 200 images, everything was fine, and I’ve used such stacks often. And all is well
Thank you


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Thanks for letting me know.



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