From LightRoom using Sharpen AI and DeNoise AI

Hello, a few questions…

Using both Sharpen AI and DeNoise AI from Lightroom:

1 - Is there a way to do both Sharpen and DeNoise without going back into LightRoom and then back out again?

2 - Similar to above,… how do I avoid making two copies of the original RAW I am editing in LightRoom? I want to apply Sharpen and DeNoise one after the other… any way I can be left with just the RAW and one TIFF? …

I then want to generate a final JPG from LightRoom as it has my final recipe and watermark.

Bruce in Philly

With Lightroom workflow there is no way to end up with only one TIF image if you wish to keep the non-destructive edits after DeNoise and before Sharpening.

you only can create a tiff in lightroom for eg sharpen in Sharpen AI and then coming back to lightroom.
Next step is to continue with that tiff in Denoise AI you must choose that you work with the original file which means the tiff.
But you can’t go from Denoise to Sharpen or vice versa.
There is a way to sharpen in Denoise but you have to find out yourself if it is what you want.

Proper workflow means that you follow the following steps as Sharpen should be the last step …

RAW → Denoise → apply adjustments and effects → Sharpen → OUTPUT

You wouldn’t Sharpen before DeNoise as DeNoise includes RAW pre-sharpen and you would only use Sharpen after applying your adjustments which are non-destructive in LR and means you have to produce another TIF.

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Thanx all very much…

I am still having a bit of an issue getting my head around this… very confused. I think Sharpen AI batch processing is not working as I think it should… It definitely is behaving differently than DeNoise batch processing.

In short, when I select multiple images in LR, no matter which “what to edit” option I select, the same thing happens: When I click “Start Bach Processing” in Sharpen AI, it does not take me back to LR when it completes, but creates a new file. Then, I have to close the program “X”, and the file back in LR does not have the sharpening applied (no sharpening is applied no matter what Edit option I select when I invoke Sharpen AI).

What am I doing wrong?

BTW, if I just select one RAW for Sharpen AI, it works fine… takes me back to LR automatically, does not create a second TIFF, and the sharpening is applied to the TIFF in LR… all good. It appears I am doing something really wrong with batch processing.

More information:

This happens regardless if:

  • I edit the RAW (it creates a TIFF copy), then a second TIFF when “Start Batch Processing” , or
  • I edit original TIFF (the output from DeNoise)… same, it then creates a new TIFF when “Start Batch Processing”

DeNoise does not work this way at all… when I click “Start Batch Processing”, it send me automatically back to LR and the de-noise edits are present in the TIFF… Good!

For workflow, I am using DeNoise AI first, then Sharpen AI… I did not type that in correctly in my question.

Thanx for your help… I am very confused.

Bruce in Philly

Yes you are right, Sharpen AI doesn’t open in “plugin” mode as DeNoise AI does. It should act in the same way as DeNoise does.

Please raise a support request at the main website, the link is:

@adam.mains could look at this

Thanx… I submitted a ticket.

Bruce in Philly

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